Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Let's talk motor racing

For the past 25 years, motor racing (or auto racing as Americans prefer to call it) has been my main "hobby". And, due to my annoyingly obsessive nature, this means I tend to follow it very closely. Since most of the people I know aren't as interested in the many facets of the sport as I am, I tend to inflict my hobby on my partner. In the years we've been together she's become very interested too (and has even travelled to see a WRC event with me), but I fear that sometimes even she is bored by my motorsport rambling.

So where does one go, when regular communication with real people is not possible? Why the internet of course! I'm pretty sure that after a while, there will be a few folks who decide that my thoughts on the world of racing are worth reading, which I'm sure will provide some satisfaction.

What do I plan on writing about? Well most of the racing world is fair game but I tend to avoid following NASCAR and it's subsidiaries, drag racing, most open wheel racing and anything involving "dirt" bikes. Having said all that, don't be surprised to see me comment on the progress of Australian star Marcos Ambrose in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series, the latest reliability issue for Kimi Raikkonen in Formula 1 or the exploits of young American rider Chris Blais in the Dakar Rally.

What I will write about will include Le Mans, MotoGP, World Superbike, Australian V8 Supercars, World Rally, GT racing, touring cars, domestic motorcycle racing and the Isle of Man TT, to name but a few.

I like Eurocentric racing, but being a Brit in the USA means I tend to see continental forms of racing with a different eye. Hopefully that means my writing will be of interest to motor racing fans regardless of their country of origin.

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