Friday, September 15, 2006

The biggest silly season news yet

Despite an extremely busy week I can't help but post on the biggest "what are they doing next year" story to come through yet...

No, no, I'm not talking about Michael Schumacher retiring.

We're talking about Max Biaggi finally securing a ride with the Suzuki World Superbike team!

Actually, the Schumacher story is much bigger, especially as it means that Kimi Raikkonen will take his place at Ferrari. We'll finally have a completely open Formula 1 season next year, with Alonso in the awfully unreliable McLarens, Kimi struggling to gel with the Ferrari culture and a host of other drivers looking to make their name.

But back to Biaggi... the question is now raised as to who will be his team-mate. Troy Corser does not have a contract for 2007, and nor does Yukio Kagayama. There's talk that Troy and Max will be in the "A" Suzuki team and Yukio will pair with Max Neukirchner in a "B" team.

Finally, the menu for this weekend's racing includes MotoGP at Phillip Island, FIA GT in Mugello, British Superbike at Silverstone and the FIM's World Endurance Championship is at Magny Cours for the Bol D'Or.

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