Thursday, June 07, 2007

TT crashwatch

It was looking like a rather tame Isle of Man TT this year. No serious crashes, no deaths, just good hard racing. Until Tuesday, that is. Former Production class winner and fast-talking New Zealander Shaun Harris had a big accident in the Superstock race and is currently in critical condition. The good news is that he has survived one surgery already, and it sounds like his major injuries are not brain-related, unlike the two riders who died last year of head traumas.

UPDATE ON FRIDAY: A crash in today's Senior TT claimed the life on one rider and two spectators. No-one has been named yet. Two additional spectators are in serious condition. The accident happened on the mountain at the 26th milestone. I have to say that the death of a rider is always tragic, but when spectators are also killed it is so much worse. Yes, we as spectators are always warned "Motorsport is Dangerous" by those stern signs at racing events worldwide, but it is still absolutely awful when spectators die.

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patrick said...

A friend of mine was acting as course doctor at the point where Harris went off. She reckoned he would probably pull through - although it wasn't exactly certain - he was pretty badly injured.