Thursday, September 13, 2007

The world has gone mad


My jaw has hit the floor. A team has been fined $100m and lost all its constructors points because a rogue employee received confidential materials from another team but clearly didn't end up using them. McLaren almost certainly didn't benefit in this whole thing. If anything Ferrari should be the ones most concerned and should be getting their own house in order. Luckily for them, the FIA has its tongue lodged permanently in their collective behind.

I mean, I always knew Formula 1 was a ridiculous "sport", sucking capital away from other (perhaps more worthy) forms of racing, forging no technical advances apart from those that serve itself, and generally making a mockery of the fundamental spirit of competition that fuels most motor sport.

But this stupid, brain-deadening, faux-spy-novel, Hollywood-film-star-level-of-drama drama is just one more nail in the coffin of a sport that seems intent on destroying itself from the inside out, under the tutelage of one psychotic man with a voracious appetite for power at all costs and another with a similar appetite for money (sorry for the run-on sentence, my anger precludes me from utilizing proper grammar right now)

The whole thing makes me sick. Stupid F1, you suck, I hate you, I can pretend I don't care but clearly I do, because this thing is bad for motor sport as a whole.

Would you ever see this kind of thing in MotoGP? No.

Get me to a club race, I need to see some PROPER racing...


patrick said...

An idle thought. I was involved in the margins of a legal case involving a chemicals company that failed to do its maintenance checks properly, resulting in the explosion of the factory and the deaths of 9 people.

They were fined £500,000

A gas supply company (this time a much bigger organisation) screwed up its health and safety procedures, resulting in an explosion that killed a family of four.

They were fined £15m

A rogue member of a racing team gets given some confidential data on a rival team and the team get fined £50m?????

No one died. Its only a sport, and sometimes I wonder if its even that.

Clive said...

I love F1. I do not love the self-serving morons who run it.