Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Max Mosley - it is my OPINION that you are a piece of....

For a less inflammatory version, go here.

Okay, let's be perfectly clear, just so I don't have lawyers on my admirable-helping-underserved-youth-non-profit-job-salary-earning ass: in no way am I representing any of this post as FACT, but I personally FEEL that Max Mosley is a stinky dog turd of a human being. I would rather have my genitals slashed with broken glass than have him continue as the most powerful man in my favourite sport, although I wonder if something like that might actually get him off...

What people do in their own bedroom is their business. S&M doesn't freak me out, and I'll staunchly defend the rights of people to engage in sexual behavior of their choosing. However there's two additional issues here:

The first is that elements of what Mosley has been accused of doing, if proven to be true, constitute a serious criminal offence: it is alleged that he paid women for sex.

The second is that the scenario used in this particular mode of sexual expression is derogatory to a large group of people. Since Mosley is in charge of an INTERNATIONAL federation, he cannot be seen to insult any cultural group. If he does, it undermines his position and authority in a manner that would appear to make his continued work utterly untenable.

Up until now, I, like many, many others have vehemently disagreed with how he runs the FIA, but like it or not, it's his toy and he can play with it how he wants. Whether this sequence of events is true or not, the fact that he put himself in a situation that can produce such damning evidence, even it ultimately proves to be untrue (not sure how that can be, but anyway...) should be enough to make him step down. That would be the right and honourable course of action.

Although "right" and "honourable" don't seem to be concepts Max grasps very well, given his alleged behavior in that Chelsea dungeon.

One last thing: how sad is it that I had to spend significant time reading up on California defamation law before publishing this post? So one last time - I don't represent anything in this post as truth, it is all entirely my opinion.

Hey, even one more thing: all this goes down two days after Max's FIA predessor and one-time nemesis, Jean-Marie Balestre, dies. Weird. The ghost of JMB is already hard at work.


patrick said...

I'm not going to defend Max Mosley - but I don't think he broke any law here (it's a subject I know more about than is entirely healthy)

Paying for sex (or being paid for sex) is not in itself a criminal offence in the UK. The criminality attaches to those who exploit for gain the prostitution of others (pimps and brothel keepers, essentially). Had he been in, say, Sweden, it might be another matter.

And as far as I can tell, the only explicit references to 'Nazism' came from the News Of The World. Even if there had been, the act was ostensibly a private one, and so he could hardly be held criminally liable for it.

None of which is to defend what Mosley did, or to suggest that he is fit to continue to hold office. I personally consider paying for sex to be morally dubious at best. And it's hard to take seriously a man in high office when he's the subject of internet sex videos (which I have absolutely no intention of viewing, I must say).

Still, Rupert Murdoch vs Max Mosley... As with when Mohamed Al Fayed locked horns with Neil Hamilton, it's a shame they can't both lose.

Pee Wee said...

Hmmmmm.....Max Mosley......P.O.S......

Yeah, I second that.