Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to do Le Mans

We didn't go to Le Mans this year, but here's how we made up for it:

  • Listened to coverage of qualifying whilst watching the Eurosport live streaming video via a European proxy
  • Moved the TV to the bedroom so that when we woke up on Saturday morning we just needed to push the power button and we were good to go. Also had the laptop on hand to tune into Radio Le Mans for audio (we muted the Speed Channel coverage) and for live timing and scoring
  • Had fresh coffee, baguettes and croissants for breakfast, just like we do when we're there
  • Then we moved the TV and laptop to the kitchen whilst we prepped for the evening's Le Mans party
  • Taped Andy Blackmore's superb spotters guide to the wall, crossing off retirements as they happened, like you find in the local Le Mans newspapers
  • Had people show up around 5pm, just before Speed Channel came back on, and made sure to only invite true Le Mans fans. The group this year was great!
  • Provided French cheese and crackers for appetizers
  • Drank Kronenbourg 1664 beer and French wine
  • Cooked roast chicken and tartiflette, grilled fresh, hand-stuffed halal merguez sausage and borrowed my mate Dave's deep fryer to do proper twice-fried French fries. Delicious!
  • For dessert we had tasty little European confectionaries
  • We stayed up until 11:30pm Pacific time, got 3 hours sleep (like we do at the track) then got up for the final 3 hours
That's about as authentic as you can get I think. It was a Le Mans to remember.


Forrest Gump said...

I really would love to go to LeMans. That is one of my goals. How many time have you been?

Jimmy said...

Well, I was supporting McNish so I could't do all that "eat like a frog" business, it might have helped the Pugs win.

I was eating Scottish food (um, like always) and drinking Belgian beer. In honour of... umm... Jacky Ickx. Yeah, that's it. Jacky Ickx.

patrick said...

Well I was drinking Scottish beer...in honour of... um... McNish.

Keep meaning to make the trip, but this year was tied up with work. Maybe next year...

Pee Wee said...

Good job!! Sounds like a great LeMans away from LeMans.....