Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Motorcycle racing is dangerous

Well, duh. Except it's pretty amazing how many riders are on the sidelines right now thanks to injury...

  • Regis Laconi, WSBK, DFX Ducati: injured in South Africa, being replaced by Lorenzo Lanzi
  • Sylvain Guintoli, BSB, Crescent Suzuki: injured at Donington, replaced by Michael Rutter
  • John Hopkins, WSBK, Stiggy Honda: injured at Assen, replaced by Jake Zemke
  • Max Neukirchner, WSBK, Alstare Suzuki: injured at Monza, replaced by Fonsi Nieto
  • Makoto Tamada, WSBK, PBM Kawasaki: injured at Monza, replaced by Jamie Hacking
  • Neil Hodgson, AMA, Corona Honda: injured playing around on a motocross bike, replaced by Jake Holden
  • Troy Corser, WSBK, BMW: injured at Monza, replaced by Steve Martin
It's a good time to be a good rider without a ride, if all the "regulars" keep throwing their bikes down the road and breaking their bodies in the process...


Unknown said...
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André said...

Some of the guys (e.g. Max Neukirchner) were not "throwing their bikes down the road and breaking their bodies in the process... ".

He was in fact rammed off the bike.

That does not alter your statement "It's a good time for those without a ride" - but still it makes a little difference..

By the way: Nice blog, I've been following/reading it for quite a long time alreday.


Patrick said...

I've a friend who's on the medical team for BSB at the moment and from what she tells me, it involves rather more work than the course doctors for four-wheeled racing are used to.

I'm normally a 4 wheels man but she's said she'll sort me with free tickets for Knockhill next weekend in return for use of my spare room