Monday, July 10, 2006

ALMS rumour-mongering

There's some interesting sportscar rumours to be found over at the new blog of Murphy, the former rumour bear. He's one of many talking about how Lister is moving to GT1 next year with a mystery partner with deep pockets. His comments on GT2S revolve around the continued non-arrival of Lexus, as well as what PTG will be doing next year (probably not racing their aged M3s...)

Funnily enough he hints that the Zytek chassis on its way to the US is not hybridized. This would point to it either being a full LMP1 chassis that hasn't yet raced or the chassis that belonged to Jota last year (which stays legal in ALMS this year). I was under the impression that Jota sold that car to Creation to form the basis of their second CA06H, and that the only car Zytek currently has is the 06S that ran at Le Mans. I see no reason why that wouldn't be the car to be campaigned in ALMS this year, but maybe Murphy knows something I don't.

There's continual gossip regarding who's running those Acura LMP2 cars next year. Despite the persistant rumours that up to three current IRL or ChampCar teams will be involved, the lack of certainty regarding the future for BOTH those series means that owners can't really commit to sportscar racing yet. Team Rahal, Andretti-Green, Newman-Haas and Fernandez Racing have all been mentioned. Although a separate sportscar effort for any of these teams would require significant resources, I'm sure that Honda will be able to help the teams find the money they need. After all, it's in Honda's best interests to have top-drawer professional teams running their four cars.

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