Thursday, July 27, 2006

Google search answers here!

I've been looking at some of the Google searches that brought people here, and have found that the info they are looking for is not necessarily here. So it's time to address that:

Search: "Dani Pedrosa boring"
Answer: Yes, Dani Pedrosa is boring. Although he has the talent of Valentino Rossi, he lacks his huge charisma.

Search: "Laguna Seca, July 24th 2006, traffic shuttle problems"
Answer: July 24th was Monday, and as far as I know there were no shuttle problems on Monday because there were no shuttles on Monday LOL!

Search: "Fastest Le Mans lap"
Answer: The outright fastest race lap was on a previous circuit configuration in 1971 was 3:18.40 at 244.387km/h set by Jackie Oliver in a Porsche. The current fastest race lap is 3:31.211 set by Allan McNish in an Audi R10. The current overall best lap is 3:30.466 set by Dindo Capello in an Audi R10.

Search: "Fastest lap record Laguna Seca"
Answer: The fastest lap at Laguna in the current configuration was done by Helio Castroneves in an Reynard-Honda CART car at 1:07.722 in 2000. The fastest lap on a motorcycle is 1:22.670 by Nicky Hayden on a Honda RC211V MotoGP bike in 2005.

Search: "Paul Warwick accident"
Answer: Younger brother to Formula 1 driver Derek Warwick, Paul was killed in a Formula 2 race in 1991 at Oulton Park after a wishbone failure caused him to hit the armco at Knickerbrook at 140mph. He won the championship posthumously after winning all five races and scoring all five pole positions.

Search: "Martin Haven motor sport"
Answer: Martin Haven is a motor racing commentator, mainly for Eurosport, where his main gig is the WTCC. He also works occasionally for MotorsTV such as at this year's Le Mans 24 Hours. He is, in my opinion, one of the best commentators out there, mainly due to the fact that he is not afraid to speak his mind especially when it comes to calling out idiotic driving behavior.

Search: "Playboy MotoGP paddock"
Answer: Err... on newstands everywhere....? Uhm, Sete Gibernau's girlfriend? Not sure what this person was looking for but I don't think he'll find it here...

Search: "Dave Jefferies TT accident"
Answer: David Jefferies, one of the legends in Isle of Man TT history, was killed in 2003 practice at Crosby. Dave was the first guy to lap the TT Mountain course in under 18 minutes, and was a multiple-TT winner. The accident itself was caused by oil on the road left by a preceding bike, which was controversially not flagged by marshalls. Dave hit a utility pole at 160mph, which then fell down leaving wires strung across the track. Jim Moodie was the next rider through, and he was caught by the wires and came off his bike. Thankfully Moodie sustained only minor injuries.

Search: "FIM World Superbike torrent"
Answer: Send me an email if you're looking for racing torrents.

Search: "Has Max Biaggi secure any ride in 2007"
Answer: No, although apparently he played around in the Italian GT championship last month in a Camel-sponsored Viper. He may yet beat Rossi to a career on four wheels.

Search: "Who's fastest at Laguna Seca?"
Answer: Fastest at what? I know that I was faster walking up the hill than the three people I went with on Sunday. My friend Jaime was faster at eating his lunch than just about anyone else I saw. Anyone on a bike was faster at leaving the track than anyone in a car....

Search: "V8 supercar illegal test"
Answer: You've got me there, not sure what this is about. There is a great forum on V8 Supercars over at so you may find some answers there.

That's just a few of the searches. If you get here from a search, leave me a comment if you didn't find what you were after.

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Kristin said...

You were only faster up the hill 'cause you were leading the Laguna-Newbie Parade... ;-)