Monday, August 21, 2006

ALMS back on Speed Channel

I was so relieved to find the ALMS back on Speed Channel. For all it's faults, Speed still does a significantly better job at broadcasting endurance sportscar racing than CBS, and yesterday was a case in point. It comes down to this: there are two ways to watch endurance racing. The first is to watch in its entirety, whereby you understand how the race is unfolding, how each car got to where it is, and all the little details such as evolving issues with cars. Alternatively you can watch a nice, pre-packaged highlights show, where a commentator can guide you through the race and point out the important moments of the race. The problem comes when you attempt to do a cut-down show, where you can't get spoon-fed by commentators, nor can you see for yourself how things develop. This is the issue with CBS.

Thanks to the full coverage from Speed, it was easy to see how the #3 Corvette gained a lap during a caution period, how the top three cars finished within 7/10 of a second (when was the last time you saw that in F1???) and how the Penske Porsches managed to once again turn the "suck" knob all the way up to 11.

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