Monday, August 21, 2006

Championship leaders I.M.

Ben Spies and Nicky Hayden exchange a conversation on Yahoo IM:

Elbowz11: hey dude, how was your race
69TheKid: aw man, we couldn't get it done 2day
Elbowz11: nor could we - i busted my hand pretty good
69TheKid: hate to blame the boyz, 'cos they worked hard on the bike
Elbowz11: sucks dude - you wanna ride hard, but can't crash
Elbowz11: not sure i like leading the championship
69TheKid: try doing it with valentino and the spanish dwarf breathing down your neck
Elbowz11: guess i don't need to worry about that - hard to race in the world championship when you refuse to get on a plane
69TheKid: bro, what's up with that?
Elbowz11: hate flying man - scares the shit out of me
69TheKid: so can you beat mat
Elbowz11: sure - he's old and slow now
69TheKid: he was old and slow when i beat him :D
69TheKid: just remember, don't get messed up in the head from his games, and it's all yours
Elbowz11: wish i could tell you how to beat pedrosa, but my only advice for winning is be on a suzuki - guess that wouldn't work for u
69TheKid: no way, john's a crying wreck after every race
Elbowz11: so what happened yesterday?
69TheKid: can't bad-mouth big red, but the clutch was fucked, tires went off real bad too
Elbowz11: aw man, that sucks - at least i know my hand will heal...
69TheKid: so you gonna win?
Elbowz11: yeah. you?
69TheKid: as long as kenny doesn't keep stealing my points, the bike doesn't break, the tires stay good, pedrosa keeps not winning and i don't crash, then yeah, i'll win
Elbowz11: dude, gotta run, my mom's calling me down for dinner
69TheKid: you still love with your mom?
Elbowz11 has signed out

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Anonymous said...

come on, dude. If ever there was a fake conversation, rather IM, between those two riders, THAT WAS IT!