Friday, December 29, 2006

Toyota: not very good

It was announced last week that Toyota will become the world's biggest car maker in 2007.

So why the hell can't they build a car that will win a Formula 1 race? Or one that can win Le Mans? Or the World Rally Championship?

In fact, Toyota's motorsports success has been rather limited lately. Apart from being the truck to have in the NASCAR truck series and a similar amount of success to Honda and Nissan in Super GT, Toyota have been very unimpressive. Come to think of it, they couldn't even manage the creation of a GT2 program in the ALMS without running into political and financial problems.

You don't have to be big to be successful (look at Saleen for example) and conversely being big doesn't guarantee success.


Race Tech Radio said...

Well... Iunno about that they were looking rather promising in formula one in the last few races. I don't think of them as a front runner but I think they will come away with a few wins in the next season or two.

Nicebloke said...

There's no doubt they're improving in F1, but my point is that they should be front-runners now, given their massive financial and technical resources.