Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Weekend Menu: Week 1

I've pretty much finished my Access database of 2007 racing events. It features 861 events, and covers everything from motocross to Formula 1, Irish road-racing to rallying. My criteria for inclusion was simply that the event had to be either national- or international-level. For example, the NASCAR Busch series is in, but not the NASCAR West series, which is regional. The US Rally Championship is there, but not the Eastern States Rally Championship. I had to be slighty judicious too, since some national series are simply not of interest to many beyond a core group of fans, whilst others have a higher level of respect. For example, I've included the British, American, Spanish, Australian and Japanese superbike championships, but not the Italian, German, French, Polish, Indian etc.

Right now I'm missing only a few series. If anyone comes across calendars for the following, please let me know:
CASCAR, Formula BMW (Britain, Asia and Germany, not the USA), GP Masters, Canadian Superbike, Canadian Rally Championship, Formula Nippon, IROC, MSA Tarmac Rally Championship, Italian and French GT series.

I'll post the full calendar somewhere online soon, but in the meantime I'm going to start a weekly post here called Midweek Menu. It will simply be a list of upcoming races worldwide for that weekend. Nothing more, no in-depth preview, just a list. I think people will be surprised just how much is going on at any given time. The busiest weekend has 31 different races listed!

Week 1 is a bit more modest:

  • AMA Supercross: Anaheim, CA
  • Dakar Rally: Starting in Lisbon, Portugal
  • Best in the Desert: Parker 250, NV

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