Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Weekend Menu - Week 4

Coming up this weekend:

  • Sno*Drift Rally, Atlanta, MI. Round 1 of the Rally America National Championship
  • AMA Supercross right here in San Francisco (no, I'm probably not going to bother - although riding in the dirt is terrific fun, I find watching motocross and supercross rather tedious)
  • 24 Hours of Daytona, FL. Round 1 of the Rolex Sportscar Series.
  • UAE International Rally, Al Aid, UAE. This was supposed to be round 1 of the FIA's Middle East Rally Championship, but has actually been CANCELLED.
Obviously the Daytona 24 is the biggest event of the weekend, and despite the absurdity of the those silly little Daytona Prototypes, this has all the makings of a classic endurance race. I coulnd't narrow down a list of potential winners to anything less than 18 choices. Daily Sportscar did the same, and I was pleased to find 16 of my picks overlapped with theirs. Strangely, they didn't pick the Sigalsport BMW (with Bill Auberlen and Karl Wendlinger as the drivers of note), which I think has a chance. I'm not the only one - Chuck Dressing mentioned them as a dark horse for the win on this week's Midweek Motorsport.

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rob ijbema said...

yes aren't the Grand-Am cars silly
they look like baby cars with those big roofs....why can't they have proper prototypes,like the Audi TDI!?

Rob Ijbema