Wednesday, February 06, 2008

IRL wins

Let's not beat around the bush: IRL wins, ChampCar loses.

The IRL has:

  • A car count of 18, the majority of which look like solid, dependable entries
  • A TV package on ESPN2 and ABC that it is not paying for out of pocket
  • American drivers, some of whom have legitimate star power, like a young Andretti and a hot chick who doesn't win but brings in the crowds
  • The Indy 500
  • A pretty diverse calendar that includes five road courses and a trip to Japan
  • Close racing
  • Great teams such as Penske, Andretti-Green and Ganassi
  • Most importantly of all, momentum
ChampCar has:
  • Two truly marquee events at Long Beach and Surfers Paradise, both of which are upstaged by supposed "support" races (ALMS and V8 Supercars respectively)
  • One powerhouse team, Newman-Haas-Lanigan
  • Series owners with deep pockets
  • Road-course credibility
There's no doubt that if ChampCar failed, some or most of its teams would move over to the IRL, as would the Long Beach Grand Prix (Surfers is looking at A1GP and may not be interested in IRL). Promoters of other ChampCar events would also be looking at the IRL and some would end up coming to a deal, probably increasing the proportion of road courses in the championship. Road America, Laguna Seca, Toronto and Cleveland would all be good candidates for an IRL event, whilst the European swing would fade away.

What would we be left with? An American open-wheel series featuring the Indy 500 and a 50/50 split of road courses and ovals, featuring some of the top US racing teams and a healthy mix of American and international drivers racing at well-attended events being broadcast via a decent TV package. Is it 1995 again?

So please, please, please, ChampCar, just fucking die already...

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patrick said...

Agree. It would be nice if they could adopt the Champ Car chassis though... a more impressive race car than the IRL Dallaras.