Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekend Menu - Week 7

It's the return of the Midweek Menu. This weekend:

  • Daytona Speedway, FL: NASCAR Sprint Cup (Daytona 500), Nationwide Series, Craftsman Trucks, and on Thursday the two Gatorade Duels to determine grid position for the 500
  • Sentul, Indonesia: GP2 Asia and Speedcar
  • Manfeild Autocourse, New Zealand: NZV8s
The Gatorade Duels are always worth a watch, and NASCAR is once again making all its online goodies (including that cool 3D virtual race view thingie) available for free.

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Kropotkin said...

MotoGP is also back in action this weekend at the official Irta test, aka Grand Prix Zero. And on Sunday, there's a 40 minute "qualifying" session, where the rider who sets the fastest time wins a BMW sports car. As if they needed one ...