Thursday, March 05, 2009

Daytona again

Weren't we just here? For some stock car race that I half care about? And before that, some sportscar race that I kind of take an interest in? Well, now it's a motorcycle race that is vaguely interesting. Every year the Daytona 200 should kick ass, and every year it kind of doesn't.

This time out we won't even have the benefit of live TV to analyze the kick-assed-ness of the whole thing, or lack thereof, as Speed Channel are moving to a tape-delayed "primetime special" format, whatever that is. Maybe it will be as lame as Pinks or one of the other shows I don't watch.

...tangent alert...

What DO I watch on Speed Channel these days? Not Dakar (because Versus have that, and even then I download the Eurosport coverage). Not the Daytona 24 Hours (because I was at a track day). Not World Superbike (tape delayed race two AGAIN, so Eurosport provided visuals). Not WRC (guess what, yes, Eurosport and Bit Torrent to the rescue again, same for the Monte Carlo Rally).

I'm paying $5 per month extra for this. And it's on my HD package now, so I'm clearly an idiot, on many levels.


Anyway, once again, the AMA has managed to split up the talent, with Suzuki vs. Yamaha vs. Ducati in the big-bike class and Yamaha vs. Kawasaki vs. Honda in the 600 class. Damn you all AGAIN. The one bright spot is that the gap that used to exist between the Suzukis and the 3rd place bike now seems to cover the top 10. So perhaps the racing will be good. Shame we'll have to wait two weeks to see it.

In the meantime, Eurosport will be on hand this weekend to show World Touring Cars and Intercontinental Rally Challenge and my laptop will be on hand to download it.

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