Thursday, March 19, 2009


The new Acura P1 car. Extremely good-looking car. And the sister car to the one pictured here grabbed pole at Sebring today, so it's quick too.

It is blessed relief from the new Audi which looks like someone painted up an old WR prototype in Audi colours, then softened it like butter in a microwave and made Hagrid from Harry Potter sit on the car. The word "fugly" comes to mind.

Given my appreciation of Japanese automotive technology, it's quite clear who to cheer for on Saturday's Sebring 12 Hours.


Keith Collantine said...

I thought it looked odd when I first saw it and when I read about it later I found out why - it uses rear wheel specification tyres on the front, meaning they're wider than ordinary front tyres.

The Audi does look unusual but I think it's good to have a bit of variety. This Acura has a nice strong livery on it but the De Ferran one doesn't look as good.

Corey said...

I saw the car for the first time during a Speedtv documentary on Thursday night. I love the concept and the look and definitely how it upset Audi and Peugeot in qualifying. I still see it as the underdog so I will cheering it on during the race.

The Audi looks unusual at the front but I like it for some strange reason.