Friday, June 09, 2006


As the world focuses its attention on Germany for the World Cup finals, it's probably a good thing that the only event on my motorsport calendar this weekend is the British Grand Prix. There's no pro-level bike racing, no major touring car races, no WRC or US rallies and no sportscar races (they're all getting ready for the BIG one next weekend). I do know that both NASCAR and the IRL are racing this weekend but, well, that's oval racing innit? And that doesn't really feature on this blog...

In the meantime, in addition to catching up on last weekend's touring car races, we'll be cheering for England tomorrow morning as they take on Paraguay in the World Cup. Roooooooneeeeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!! (yeah, I know he won't be playing yet, but still, it's an appropriately hooliganish chant).

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