Monday, June 19, 2006

Rant about AMA restarts

In European and world motorcycle racing, gaps between bikes are "banked" in a red flag scenario. The times of the pre-red-flag segment are added to the times of the post-red-flag segment, to determine the winner. This is the fairest way of doing it, but can be confusing for the fans, especially if the guy who takes the chequered flag first isn't the actual winner.

In the US, positions pre-red-flag determine only grid positions for the restart. If you're worked hard to get a 5-second lead, it's all for nothing. Yes, you can change tyres and make other changes between racing, but to me that's still very unfair.

I implore the AMA to adopt FIM rules for red-flags, including a parc ferme. I believe that a red flag indicates an interruption, not an end to racing, so everything should remain the same from the end of the last complete lap prior to the red flag.

Bank the time gaps and don't touch the bikes.

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