Thursday, June 15, 2006


As the world chooses which teams to get behind in the World Cup, it seems fitting to point out which teams at Le Mans to cheer for depending on your nationality...

Britain: Aston Martin (British team and cars, one British driver)

Holland: Racing for Holland (Dutch team, Dutch owner/driver)

USA: Corvette (US team and car, one US driver)

France: Pescarolo (French team, car and drivers)

Denmark: Zytek (Danish sponsors and drivers)

Japan: Courage #13 (Japanese sponsor and two Japanese drivers)

Germany: Audi (German car and team, two German drivers)

Russia: Convers MenX (Russian team, one Russian driver)

Switzerland: Swiss Spirit (Swiss team and drivers)

Portugal: ASM Racing (Portugese team and two Portugese drivers)

Italy: BMS Scuderia Italia (Italian team and drivers)

Belgium: G Force (Belgian team and two Belgian drivers)

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