Thursday, June 01, 2006

TT Scoreboards

It would be somewhat morbid to only post news on TT accidents, so I should point out that yesterday's practice session saw John McGuinness post an unofficial fastest lap of 127.81mph. Windy conditions abated and saw Guy Martin and Ian Lougher both go very fast with laps of 126.41mph and 125.39mph respectively. The wind returned today, and McGuinness spent most of the day on his Superstock bike, so no records were broken. Martin improved his time with a 126.80mph and Bruce Anstey turned in a good time of 126.15mph.

Todays casualty list update:
Dave Molyneux - injured in sidecar crash today - arm and chest injuries
Craig Hallam - injured in sidecar crash today - road rash
David Bell - injured today - broken wrist
Robbie Sylvester - injured today - fractured leg
Keith Stewart - injured today - knee and rib injuries
Seamus Greene - injured on Tuesday - still critical but stable
Jun Maeda - injured on Tuesday - still critical
Doug Dano - injured on Saturday - discharged from hospital yesterday
James Cornell - injured on Saturday - still critical

Another rough day, although none of today's crashes appear to be especially serious. It sounds like Jun Maeda is in the worst condition, so I've got my fingers crossed that things improve for him soon.

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