Friday, June 02, 2006

Well done Liam!

Anyone who is a regular visitor to the Bay Area Riders Forum knows the name Liam Shubert, or "MotoLiam" as he's more widely known. Last year Liam, who had a strong background in motorcycle wrenching, took off for Barcelona to pursue his dream of working for a MotoGP team. Living by his wits, his remarkable ability to meet (and make friends with) MotoGP insiders and his huge passion for the sport, he spent all winter seeking a job. As the season started up, Liam was still without his dream job. However, he still managed to find some work with Luis D'Antin's non-GP projects, as well as with Spanish championship team Folch Yamaha.

Finally, this week, Liam was hired to work for the D'Antin Ducati MotoGP team. If ever there was an example of persistance paying off, this is it. Way to go Liam, all your supporters back in the US are extremely proud of you, man!

(photo credit: Liam Shubert)

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Liam Shubert said...

Sweet! Awesome write-up, and thank you for the nod.